UNCENSORED: Organic and Natural

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By Manuel L. Morató

There is a doctor in North China who studied medicine in Russia and Germany for 8 years.  He is still around but found himself without being able to practice what he learned for 8 years in Russia and Germany because of roughly 91% of China’s population of 1.3 billion use and believe in organic and natural medicine; or traditional medicine.  But this particular doctor who studied modern medicine found himself without patients for in China, people are believers of organic and natural medicines.  Let’s just keep his name confidential by just giving his initials D.G.L.

The North Koreans are into it; and I just cannot tell how far South Koreans are into it as well.

What I clearly visualize is that there is nothing wrong to combine pharmaceutical products with natural and organic medicines.  There is no conflict.  As a matter of fact, natural and organic medicine cannot conflict with pharmaceutical products.  They can complement and even enhance pharmaceutical products/medicines.  They can complement each other.

I was informed that 91% to 93% of Chinese in China use traditional medicine to cure COVID 19 and other diseases and illnesses.  Hindi nakapagtataka may nahuhuli undergound Chinese Hospital treating COVID 19 patients dito.

“China has been using traditional medicine in the fight against COVID 19 extensively.  Some 91.5 percent of all China’s confirmed cases have used Chinese medicine as part of their treatment, according to data released by the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine on March 23. April 2, 2020.” (https://www.yicaiglobal.com.news).  It also mentioned that “China has been using its traditional medicine in the fight against Covid 19 extensively.  Some 74,187 people, or 91.5 percent, of all China’s confirmed cases, have used Chinese medicine as part of their treatment, according to date released by the National Chinese Medicine on March 23, 2020,” in the same globalreport.com. 

“Hindi nakapagtataka may nahuhuli sa underground Chinese Hospital treating COVID 19 patients dito.  Konti lang kasi ang nagpapagamot sa modern medicine.  ‘Yong Pogo Chinese employees for sure yang organic ang iniinom.

Be that as it may, all medicines brought into the country must pass our Food and Drug Administration (FDA); or get permission from the Department of Health, or register their drugstores.

No doubt that they are more informed re the Coronavirus/COVID 19 for it came about in their own backyard of Wuhan; and it was reported that Dr. Li Wenliang, the 34-year-old doctor who discovered the virus/bacteria did not have time to announce more clearly what he had discovered.

Later, some reports say that he was “gagged” not to announce his findings which allowed about 3 million residents of Wuhan to go out to travel to other countries which according to experts, China should have implemented the total lockdown in Wuhan and prohibited all airlines to fly out the people of Wuhan carrying with them the virus/bacteria, worldwide.  No one from Wuhan was allowed to fly to Beijing (the seat of power); and Shanghai, the trading and commercial center of China.  Both cities were spared from the Coronavirus/COVID 19.

What intrigues many to this day who saw and heard what Dr. Li Wenliang said on TV when he was interviewed before he died, followed by a report paper which was found after his death, revealed the treatment and cure.  I remember 2 natural medicines that were mentioned that can cure an infected patient.  It leaked out but disappeared just as fast as his short interview ended.  Then the news followed that Dr. Li Wenliang, the Chinese whistleblower-doctor warned the public of “a potential ‘Sars-like’ disease in December 2019, according to Wuhan Central Hospital; and announced as well that Dr. Li Wenliang passed away because of the “Coronavirus.”  How did that happen when he had in his possession the cure to counter-act it?

It’s a pity for if he were not gagged from announcing it to the world, the deaths would have been minimized, worldwide; or just a few would have been victimized and died from it or none at all.  But the announcement by the WHO came too late after roughly 3M Wuhan residents have flown out of China.

It is claimed that the entire world was practically caught unprepared for, according to reports, Dr. Li Wenliang, the discoverer was “gagged” on broadcasting his findings to the entire world for reasons we do not know.  Then days later, the Doctor-discoverer was reported to have died.  Had he been given the chance to announce much earlier, with the cooperation of the WHO in announcing COVID 19, our world would still be safe to live in; and hundreds of thousands of people saved along with doctors, nurses and frontliners who sacrificed their lives caring for those who were infected and had to be taken cared of.  What a waste of precious lives.  And not only that, Dr. Li Wenliang could have helped in telling us, the entire world, the cure for this pandemic.  But China has it for I was able to buy the organic medicine used by the workers of Pogo.  This lady friend sold me some which I am keeping for any eventuality – God willing not for so far I’ve been able to control the virus/bacteria with natural and organic products we used; some of it I introduced to the PCSO to control the Dengue Epidemic during the time of President Gloria. 

What took for a Dengue victim, child and grown up to be hospitalized for two to three weeks, with the medicine I discovered used worldwide which I introduced to the PCSO in my second stint (first, PCSO Chairman during FVR’s presidency; and a PCSO director during President Gloria’s term) solved the problem of Dengue.  But when I left the PCSO when the term of President Gloria ended in 2010, the appointees of PNoy to the PCSO headed by Margie Juico discarded the distribution of the organic and natural medicine nationwide to the indigent patients also sick of cancer for said organic medicine kills all the cancer cells; the bad cells, not the good cells.  So many cancer patients were cured in 90 days, the cancer cells never to return again.

This organic and natural medicine used worldwide cured all Dengue patients in just two days taking only 12 capsules worth 600 pesos the patient is out of the hospital.  No more fever, and the platelet count back to normal.  All for 600 pesos worth of capsules for two days as compared to two weeks in the hospital costing the PCSO 150,000 to 200,000 pesos per patient the PCSO had to pay for indigent patients.

This same organic medicine is the same one I spread and provided my family, my guards, drivers, household helps and cooks, etc… including their families; and I thank God, they are all well including their families; and my family as well.  Preventive measures is the best to combat the virus/bacteria, more than the “testing, testing” kits na God knows how reliable they are or not.  Besides, a patient tested negative today maybe positive the next day.

I will continue in my next column about other sprays I use and give away that can kill the Coronavirus/Covid 19.  Also organic and natural.  Abangan na lang ninyo! Non- chemical-based, no smell which can be used to disinfect the homes, offices, airplanes, buses, stores, restaurants, etc… not harmful to health made in Australia.  I know the distributor, a friend from childhood.     

China can help us and other countries with the formula and the cure that Doctor Li Wenliang left behind.  Tell us.  As a matter of fact, I have a friend who told me about it and I bought two boxes on standby for anyone I can help.  ‘Yan ang ibinebenta sa “Pogo hospitals.”  But there is a special dosage how to mix the two kinds of ingredients.

After Dengvaxia, the people in our country fear the vaccine for the Coronavirus/COVID for according to medical experts in America, there is a plan to insert chips on people together with the vaccination.  That news caused great alarm because it was also said that it will be imposed on all countries and all the peoples of the world.  God-willing not for the human civilization would be lost forever.  A Catholic priest inside a Church in the U.S. came out that he will never accept a vaccine invented in the U.S. for it is in his country where the talk about inserting chips inside the body started.  That would make all the peoples of the world like zombies floating in the world under the control of one, or two, or three persons playing “God.”  And the group is said to be friendly with China.  So, we may rely more on the British product for it’s a principled country; Israel and Japan – at the moment.  For sure, Israel will never gamble their race, small as it is, unless the vaccine is totally and absolutely sure and safe.  A mistake can wipe out their race.  And remember Israel has the best scientists in the world.  I believe in them.

President Trump is being accused by the Democrats for acting “too late.”  Not true.  All the countries were put in the same predicament.  The announcement of the WHO was a call to all the nations about the virus that came too late.  If you come right down to it, Italy was late, Spain, France, England, and other countries were all late.  Only China was on time.

The mystery remains.

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