UNCENSORED: Let us shorten the Agony

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By Manuel L. Morató

We have to admit that watak-watak na ang mga bansa as to how to control the Coronavirus.  Countries affected by the COVID 19 have differed in facing the pandemic.  The World Health Organization should have been on top of the situation, but the head itself of the WHO, Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said: “There will be lessons for us to learn” referring to the pandemic.  Ibig niya sabihin na pati sila sa WHO does not know how to face the virus that affected practically all nations?

Is the WHO not prepared to lead as to how to fight the pandemic?  That’s very strange.  What then are they there for?  By now they should be able to disseminate the information they have compiled from the countries that have succeeded and spread it to all the countries affected even as a form of information or a circular.

Each and every nation had to do what it could instead of being led by the WHO what each country must do to combat the virus instead of each country doing what it wants to do.  There is a need to unify all the countries to face the pandemic for the virus keeps on jumping from one place to another.  The saying: “to each his own” applies.  It should not be for there must be a leading body to do that, which in this case is the WHO.

There are countries that have done well in controlling the pandemic.  How come the WHO did not even inform the other struggling countries?  Even based on its observations, it’s the WHO who should be in command as to let all the countries know which countries have done right and tell the other countries the best solution they have seen worldwide.  The WHO was found wanting in not speaking out as to which countries are on the right track and inform the other countries to follow – if they wish to.  I know the WHO cannot demand they collect fees from every member nation.  But still, the WHO can warn or inform some good members what best to do for that’s what they should do for all the member nations now undergoing the disastrous effects of the Coronavirus/Covid 19.  And most are performing a guessing game!

“Fast testing” became the name of the game and many went into it without proper training.  It’s something that needs the supervision of medical doctors.  Some private groups went into it for “there is big money daw to be made.”  Many are saying that.  It became a lucrative way to earn money disguised as public service.  Even those who subject themselves to “fast testing” are not too sure if those tested are truly “negative” or “positive.”

A friend who went through “fast testing” related to me that she was found “positive” and was told to go on quarantine for 14 days.  But she told me that on the 12th day, she went to the doctor who told her to go on quarantine because after the “fast testing” that she was found “positive” and had to isolate herself, she insisted on going to see her doctor on the 12th day because she had no fever, no cough, no nothing that should indicate that she is not positive as she was told after her “fast testing” 12 days before.  Maybe the result of the “fast testing” was a borderline, close to neither positive nor negative.

For sure there are many who have been tested, either “negative” or “positive.” Let’s hope those mistakenly found “positive” and were later known not true are deducted from the daily count.  No wonder, the rise every day is unreliable and shocking, to say the least.

It clearly shows that “fast testing” lends to be a guessing-game of some sort.  Could that be the reason why Prime Minister Abe of Japan fired all his “advisers” last June 26th or 27th last Friday or Saturday as announced in the news of Radio Bandido?  If it is not true, it’s not my fault.  I guess Radio Bandido is just living up to its “bandido” reputation.

Be that as it may, how come the WHO is not leading in telling all the affected nations how the other countries have succeeded.  The information should have been disseminated worldwide by the WHO.  That would have been a big help.  After all, they are paid to do that but many are saying the WHO has failed in warning all the nations right away.  Time was of the essence.  President Trump is right in reprimanding the WHO; more so as the U.S. is the biggest contributor to the WHO; but it was found wanting on the most deadly virus that hit mankind.  There are those who say that the Coronavirus/COVID 19 was second only to the Spanish flu that killed millions in 1918/1919.  I beg to disagree.  The Coronavirus/COVID 19 tops the Spanish flu.  Why?  Though the Spanish flu killed so many people as well, it was limited to certain areas in Europe.  But this Coronavirus/COVID 19 affected the entire world including Europe, North and South America, Asia, the Middle East, etc… name it.  The Spanish Flu infected only some parts of Europe.

In hindsight, there were no international flights then which could spread the Spanish Flu to the world as it spread the Coronavirus – worldwide and fast.  And if the Coronavirus/COVID 19 has not killed as much death as those who died in the Spanish Flu pandemic is because medically speaking, our doctors are more capable now.  But despite the medical knowledge now, the Coronavirus/COVID 19 did so much harm for trade and commerce suffered a fatal blow.

Both are bad.  But when the Spanish Flu happened, Europe was not as advanced, medically, and scientifically as the nations are now.

On my part, I dedicated to giving my family members and employees Vitamin C with Zinc; Vitamin D; and supplied everybody in my building including the children of my employees; including the security guards, drivers, household helps, and staff in my office.  I supplied them with all what I know about organic medicines that can help kill the Coronavirus including spray the inside of the building with a very safe spray that is non-toxic made in Australia that is safe, no smell and no chemicals in a tiny pill that mixes with 2 liters of water.  It is Clean Oxide which we use inside the condos, cars, bedrooms, office, kitchen, etc.  It is not chemical-based, no smell, very safe.  FDA approved, non-toxic – safe for humans and pets.

All efforts must be done to combat the Coronavirus/COVID 19.  Whatever can kill the virus must be considered.  Preventive medicines especially organic must be resorted to kill the COVID 19 instead of killing us.

There is the Transfer Factor capsules that increase the immune system very fast; and in due time, it will be known that a product made of essential oils for oral hygiene will be made public.  But I’ve been using it for 11 years now.  It is something I presented to the PCSO in 2008 to give to the poor, nationwide, for free, for toothaches and oral hygiene.  One spray and the pain is gone. But recently just for spraying the mouth, tests showed that the Coronavirus/COVID 19 cannot enter the mouth nor through the nose for the sprayed throat won’t allow the virus to go down and infect the lungs.  It has been tried by my doctor/inventor and long time friend that those already affected by the COVID 19 who can no longer breathe, this mouth spray also kills the virus that infected the lungs that had entered the nostrils and/or the mouth down to the throat and lungs.  It kills the virus blocking the lungs of infected patients.  In a matter of two days or so of spraying the mouth, it was recently discovered that it can kill the virus that entered the mouth, throat, nostrils down causing the lung infection, preventing patients to breathe.  No need to intubate the patients that instead of curing the patients, killed more patients; that oxygen tanks are what is needed.  England removed the intubation and New York hospitals followed despite Governor Cuomo’s intervention.  He should have not meddled for its not his line.  He should have interviewed the top doctors of America instead of his show on CNN.  All Governor Cuomo did in that TV show was to pontificate about the Coronavirus/COVID 19 and went as far as ordering 30,000 units of intubators through President Trump which ended being allocated to other States for New York hospitals decided to dispense with the intubation as the British hospitals did. I don’t know about the ventilators.  But it was found that more patients in the hospitals in New York died because of intubating the patients.  It’s logical, according to American top doctors that subjecting the patients to intubation harmed the patients for when the lungs are already compromised pumping more air into the infected lungs can cause thrombosis (or formation of blood clots), heart attack, or damage other vital organs as far as the top doctors of America expressed their views on a teleconference for as they say, they are not allowed to go on television to warn the people.  They even claimed that their views are censored by the media.  May malakas na nagpipigil sa kanila.  There are big people involved using their money to gag them from being interviewed.  These top doctors of the U.S. were prevented from appearing on national/international television, so they claimed.  Something is wrong. If those doctors belonging to the top 50 specialists were interviewed on TV, fewer Americans would have died; worldwide as well.

How about trying Fox News?  I find that the TV station saner than the others.  For one, it has the best commentators who are rational and defend the truth.  Some say Fox News is fair to President Trump.  True, for there are other stations that are terribly biased. If talk show hosts are always twisting what the President says or said, did and what have you.  They are good at presenting an issue but destroy something they do not like, most of the time anything in favor of President Trump.  The TV hosts of this particular TV station try hard to appear “credible.”  Sorry to say, they are destroying themselves.  They appear like a bunch of hypocrites, pretending to be serious and credible on the screen not knowing that their eyes reveal that they are insincere and hypocritical.  It shows in their faces or dictated to take that stand.

Some biased TV stations are good at presenting lies, not the true story; or their own interpretation which they ought not to do.  They editorialize driving in their wrong assessment.  It shows on their faces.  If they think they are able to pull our legs, they can think again!

Having been the Chairman of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) for six years as its Chairman from 1986 to 1992, on my part, I can really tell when a person is lying on television.  The television is the most powerful audio-visual medium that goes through a person.  It shows through the eyes, body language, facial expression, and body movement.

That’s why people who intend to lie must never allow themselves to be interviewed on television, because  it can make you or break you.  That depends on who you truly are.  This most powerful audio-visual medium is a “tough one to crack.”

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