UNCENSORED: Let us set the record straight

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By Manuel L. Morato

There seems to be a campaign to turn things around.

Since Margie Juico was appointed in the PCSO by President PNoy Aquino in July of 2010 after the term of President Gloria ended, Margie as PCSO Chairman had ax to grind against President Gloria who removed her sometime in 2005 from being a PCSO Director for corruption.

When President Gloria re-appointed me to the PCSO in March of 2004, I received my reappointment paper at 10PM of March 6 in my fax machine.  The next day, I called President Arroyo why I was not asked first because I did not want to go back to government service anymore after having served as PCSO Chairman during the President Fidel Ramos’ term for I had to attend to the estate of my mother who passed away in 2002.

I stepped down from the PCSO in 1998 when President Ramos’ term was ending.

Buhat po ng umupo si Margie Juico as PCSO Chairman, she went on a binge to raise hell on all those she dislike, one of whom was President Gloria and her appointees to the PCSO.

She invented all the charges against us based on lies.  Simply because she was born that way.  She hated everyone just to flaunt her power.  She is power hungry after all.  She even dismissed 490 PCSO employees who were not her appointees and replaced them with her chosen ones.

During the term of my predecessor, Dr. Mita Pardo de Tavera, Margie Juico was charged by Mita in the Ombudsman for corruption.  That was in 1992 during the term of President Ramos.  Then President Cory appointed Margie Juico as one of the PCSO Directors with Jun Carrascoso as PCSO General Manager.  They held their board meeting in Hongkong.  When I was appointed PCSO Chairman by President Ramos in January 21, 1994, I really turned down the appointment but President Ramos got angry with me and yelled at me on the phone at six in the morning.  Sinabi ko kay Presidente, ayaw ko po agawan ng puwesto si Chairman Mita Parde de Tavera.  Then President Ramos yelled at me again: “I am appointing Mita to head the DSWD.”  Then I further stated, “Mr. President, I am also taking care of my mother.”  That was also one of my main concerns.

I told President Ramos that I’d first ask my mother kung papayagan niya ako. That was a Saturday at noontime when I broke the news to my mother regarding the call of President Ramos the day before, Friday.

When I told my mother about the call of President Ramos, sabi ko sa kanya: “Mama, pag tinanggap ko, hindi na kita masamahan kumain ng tanghalian.  She kept quiet.  That was Saturday.  The next day, Sunday, when I repeated about President Ramos call, she answered mildly and said: “Sige na Hijo, tulungan mo na si Presidente.”

The following day, Monday, I was sworn into office in Malacañang, that’s how fast everything happened.

Then I saw the list who were supposed to be appointed directors.  I saw Margie Juico’s name.  I told President Ramos: “Mr. President I don’t want her to be with me.  May mga kaso yan ng corruption filed by Mita Pardo de Tavera sa Ombudsman.”  At kilala ko yan.  Kababayan ko yan sa Calauag, Quezon Province.  The President told me: “Manoling, pagbigyan mo na lang at hiniling ni Cory sa akin.”  I then told him, “titiisin ko na lang Mr. President.

Margie Juico was in a rampage to destroy all the appointees of President Gloria in the PCSO, she targeted on me and we ended up in the Senate hearing where she started accusing all of us appointed by President Gloria.

Margie Juico wanted us of the past board investigated with the help of a Senator who was even attending the PCSO board meetings to swallow all the dirt Maggie and her boardmembers were dishing out.  I won’t name him anymore for he is no longer a Senator.  Just let me say that senator with an initial “G” was the conductor of the charges of Margie Juico’s Board sa PCSO.

I was only a director of the PCSO board during the term of President Gloria.  I really told her that I did not want to be Chairman again.  I did not even want to go back to government service.

Sa kalikutan nitong mga inupo ni President PNoy sa PCSO, grabe sila at inabuso ang pera ng PCSO.  Tapos they tried hard to doctor the records at ipinapasa sa aming term.  Yong babaeng right-hand ni Margie Juico na lawyer niya na taga Pampanga was so ferocious and really followed the baton of Margie Juico in trying so hard to persecute us.

Those were terrible times we went through.  Margie Juico went berserk trying to cover her dirty past in preparation for a dirty time ahead.

Yes, we were punished.  Chairman Serge Valencia was jailed in prison for almost a year in Camp Crame and the other directors as well.

I was detained in St. Luke’s Hospital for 8 months on “hospital arrest.”  Hindi ko alam bakit ako nakasama when I was only one of the directors during President Gloria’s time.  Hindi dapat ako kasali at I was only a director at hindi naman nadaan sa kamay ng Directors ang Intelligence Fund.    

Hindi ako pumirma at yon na din ang naging desisyon ng Sandiganbayan: “Director Morato had no participation.”  Thanks a lot after making me suffer the hospital arrest for 8 months at naoperahan tuloy ako sa puso.  It cost me so much that I had to sell my house in Ayala Alabang – fast.

Why are the sins of the Margie Juico board being thrown on us appointees of President Gloria in the PCSO?

These people are really bad.  Really born to be bad.

Now that they’ve started a campaign of cleansing their dirty track record at our expense. I will name some of the sins they committed which I did not do.  But they have decided to target me because I was the most vocal in telling them when they took over during the PNoy regime that what they are accusing us, President Gloria’s appointees are not true.  But they went on as a cover-up pala sa mga masasamang ginagawa na nila sa PCSO; a diversionary tactic.  

Margie, don’t you remember what you did during Cory’s term when she put you as one of the Directors of PCSO?

When Chairman Mita (Mamita) took over the PCSO in 1992, appointed by President Ramos, Chairman Mita sued you in the Ombudsman for corruption because you, Margie, indulged in the so-called “Milk Feeding Program” for the poor students in public schools.  But when I took over the PCSO in the old building in San Marcelino,  I saw ang daming tetrapacs piled in one of the hallways.  I asked Mita, what are those milk in tetrapacs for?  She told me the whole story.  They were bought by Margie Juico worth millions of pesos during President Cory’s time for her milk feeding program which she turned over to the Soroptomist Club of the Philippines, a women’s club known to help the poor.  Margie chose them to distribute the milk feeding program niya in tetrapac worth millions of pesos.  As my predecessor related to me, Mita Pardo de Tavera, then PCSO Chairman, she accused Margie Juico of corruption kasi puro expired milk daw yong nasa tetrapac galing daw sa San Miguel Corporation worth millions of pesos.  Ang sabi ng mga taga PCSO, the old employees, itatapon na daw yon mga expired milk sa tetrapac ng San Miguel Corporation, pero hiningi ni Margie Juico to give to the poor.  They were turned over to her friends sa Soroptomist Club who were supposed to distribute to the poor students in public schools.  Nagalit ang mga members ng Soroptomist at ibinalik lahat sa PCSO San Marcelino.

PCSO Chairman Mita de Tavera learned of it and sued Margie Juico in the Ombudsman.  The Ombudsman decided against her and that’s when she started asking for my help.  Sabi niya, tulungan mo naman ako Manoling.  Kasi ako na yong bagong Chairman.  Margie Juico kept nagging me to help her.

Sa awa ko, may isang bakanteng puwesto sa isang director.  I thought of Atty. Bobby Yuseco who kept nagging me to have him appointed PCSO Director doon sa vacant slot.

So, sinabi ko kay Margie: “Sige Margie, ipapa-appoint ko si Atty. Bobby Yuseco kay President Ramos kasi siya ang makakatulong sa iyo.  Tuwang-tuwa siya; and indeed Bobby Yuseco saved Margie Juico from rotting in jail.  Nasa Supreme Court na ang kaso niya.

Ayaw ko na sana ikuwento pa ito, pero hindi ako tinitigilan ng anak niya na Councilor ng Quezon City, si Mayen Juico, barkada ni Joy Belmonte Alimurung who sits in the Quezon City Council pag wala si Joy.  Girl-Friday pala ni Joy at barkada pati nong pamangkin ko na si Pia Morato Barretto na anak ni Pepito “Pit” Morato na isa sa kasali gibain ang bahay ng aming ina, at inaprubahan ni Joy makapagpatayo ng 21 storey building sa lupain ng aking ina na binigyan ni Joy at Mayen ng “Special Permit” kasi sa mga Belmonte na pala ang may-ari. Na-landgrab ang property ng aming ina nong 2018.  We lost our mother in May 31, 2002.

Margie, I will tell you now.  Sino ang nagligtas sa iyo para hindi ka makulong for life sa preso?  Sino ang humingi ng tulong sa akin sa kaso mo sa Supreme Court?  Ikaw!  Do you remember that there was one slot sa board noon.  Atty. Bobby Yuseco kept telling me: “Tito Manoling, pa-appoint mo nga akong director sa PCSO.  Mayroon isang bakante.”

That spot was in the discretion of President Ramos to appoint whoever he may choose to appoint.  But only just to help you, Margie, I asked President Ramos to appoint Atty. Bobby Yuseco.  I could not think of anyone else to help you.  You know why?  Bobby Yuseco (+) was the brother-in-law of Chief Justice Andres Narvasa.  The wife of Chief Justice Narvasa was the sister of Bobby Yuseco.  Brother-in-law ni Bobby Yuseco si Chief Justice Narvasa.

Alam mo ba ang ginawa ni Bobby Yuseco sa pasasalamat sa akin na napa-appoint ko pa siyang director ng PCSO?  Pinabunot niya lahat ang record against you sa Supreme Court.  Kaya nawala ang kaso mo.  I helped you but I did not know that bobby would go that far.  But be that as it may, you were not convicted and imprisoned.  Tapos kami na walang kasalanan ang pinakulong mo.

Diyos na ang bahala sa iyo at mga alipores mo na nagpahirap sa amin, kasama na si Presidente Gloria.  You wreaked vengeance.  Ikaw ang dapat nakakulong at kinulong, hindi kami.  Pinalabas ninyo na nagnakaw kami pati si Presidente Gloria.  

I suffered so much sa ginawa mo.  Eight months in the hospital.  Inatake tuloy ako sa puso.

Buhat nong umupo ka sa PCSO, siniraan mo lahat mga appointees ni Presidente Gloria.

Hanggang ngayon, sinisiraan mo pa ako sa galit mo sa akin in telling you: “Margie, why do you hate Mita Pardo de Tavera so much?  Can’t you find in your heart at forgive her, now that she is dead?

She would turn her back and cockily turn around with hatred and anger on her face. 

Yon mga hayop ninyong nag-iinsulto sa akin na hindi nilalagay ang pangalan, ay galing sa inyong kampo.

Before God, I will tell you all I never accepted “lagay” or bribe money in my years in public service.  Maski sa MTRCB, tanungin ninyong lahat ang mga producers, pati si Lily Monteverde at si Robbie Tanat iba pang producers kung ako’y nalagyan nila; o kung ako’y tumanggap ng lagay sa kanila at sa buong industriya ng pelikula at telebisyon.  NEVER!

Ni sa PCSO, tanungin ninyo yong mga oldtimers diyan kung ako’y nakurap sa office na yan.  NEVER!

Hindi ko talaga ugali yan.  Tanungin ninyo ang mga kasabay ko sa MTRCB at sa PCSO at tanungin ninyo sila.

At yon sinasabi ng isang anonymous letter that appeared recently na ang dami daw namatay nong panahon ko.  Sa kamay ni Margie Juico yan nangyari.  Binagsak niya yong 1M para sa major operation such as heart, kidney, liver, etc…  Ako ang nag-umpisa na dapat isang milyon para sa major surgeries.

Yong 31 na maysakit na inaprobahan naming nong April 2010 bago umopo sila Margie Juico nong June 30, 2010.  Kinansel ni Margie and her board lahat yong pagpaopera doon sa 31 na may sakit na 1 million each ang dapat ibigay na tulong sa kanila approved na namin.  Pag-upo ni Margie, binagsak sa P20,000.  Sino bang mabubuhay sa 20,000?  Namatay lahat yong 31 patients.

Tanungin ninyo si Undersecretary ng DENR Benny Antiporda.  Pati yong bata na hiniling ng media matulungan, namatay.  Ang sama lahat ng loob ng mga media.  Kasi natulong ang grupo nila sa mga may sakit.

Nagpunta ako sa burol at galit na galit sa iyo, Margie Juico, sa aprobadong operasyon nong bata na kinansela mo.

I went sa lahat ng burol nong 31 patients na namatay sa inyong kamay, Margie.

I had to say sorry at nasabi ko na sa kanila na-approve na naming yong pang-opera nong 31 patients.  Dinisapprove pala ni Margie.  Kaya kita inaway, Margie sa hiya namin at awa sa 31 na pinatay ninyo pagbawi nong medical assistance doon sa 31 patients.

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