THE CATALYST: Eight Essential People Skills for Project Management

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By Felix Concepcion Veroya

For the last decade of my career, I have been heavily involved in managing projects. Based on the World Economic Forum report for the 2025 Skills of the Future, project management is one of the essential skills that matters in the 21st century workplace. Sharing the lessons I learned from one of the project management books in my library entitled Eight Essential People Skills for Project Management by Zachary Wong, PhD.

  1. Wedge the problem up to management, which possesses the necessary resources and expertise to handle situations like this.
  2. Effective team leaders understand the difference between friendship and friendliness.
  3. Successful teams are defined by their emphasis on inclusiveness.
  4. Attitude matters, and there’s an art to managing art.
  5. Tackling poor performance is tricky, but it can be done by using the Past – Present – Future Model.
  6. Ends don’t justify means, and sustainable success means focusing on team behavior.
  7. Risk – takers understand that you can’t beat fear, but you can manage it.
  8. Effective team leaders understand the importance of managing their bosses.

Project management uses a structured approach and set of tools and techniques for it to be applied efficiently. After years of practice, I also found out that these should be accompanied by the right application of people skills to make it happen.

Let’s continue to be #significantlybetter, together.

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