NordCham PH vows to continue their relevant activities, expand members’ network

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Nordic Chamber of Commerce Philippines Executive Director Jesper Svenningsen

By Monsi A. Serrano

Despite the challenging 3½ months that the Philippines and businesses encountered since the ECQ was implemented, the Nordic Chamber of the Philippines is committed to sustaining what they have done during the community quarantine due to the COVID19 pandemic.

Jesper Svenningsen, Executive Director at Nordic Chamber of Commerce Philippines and CEO at EGN Thailand is optimistic that this crisis is something that we can deal with despite uncertainties.|

As the world is slowly opening up and so is the Philippines, the Executive Director of NordCham Philippines is delighted with the easing up of the restrictions from ECQ, now in the GCQ and hopeful that soon it would be MGCQ. He acknowledged that everyone is still working from home with varying results, some highly successful and others not so much.

In the statement sent to THEPHILBIZNEWS, Svenningsen said, “We continue to strive to provide more value to all of you – by engaging you, listening to your current issues, and helping you. We have started to do e-coffee meetings with members, and we hope to be able to have such online meetings with all of our members within the next two months.”

Adapting to the ‘New Normal’

Since the implementation of the community quarantine, NordCham was able to roll out inspiring and insightful Virtual Events with 46 events and close to 2000 participants.

The Executive Director of NordCham PH wants to ensure that they will continue to provide value and support to all its members and will continue to collaborate with other foreign chambers and be able to strengthen their camaraderie, especially in these trying times.

Interestingly, NordCham successfully embarked on the Virtual Speed Networking events, and another exciting Virtual Speed Networking is set July 9, together with almost all the other EU chambers.

NordCham true to its mission to innovate also embarked on the first-ever hybrid event during the celebration of Nordic Midsummer with Nordic food, games, and “hygge” which means enjoying life’s simple pleasures in the midst of the pandemic.

Expanding the NordCham network across the region

While the movement is limited and social distancing remains in place, Svenningsen revealed that the NordCham is now part of several joint groups of chambers, both locally and regionally. Having said this, the Executive Director of NordCham Philippines is gearing up in formalizing a network for all Nordic related Chambers in Asia which would be very beneficial to all the members of the Nordic Chamber Philippines as they all look forward to moving forward post-pandemic.

Apart from that, NordCham PH is also working on establishing round-table format committees based on requests from some members. The first one is most likely going to be NordCham’s own Maritime Committee.

“This is an addition to what we currently do together with GPCCI and DCCP. Another proposal is a general group for C-level leaders only,” Svenningsen added.

Strategic alliance, more collaborations

“We have recently started to look into partnerships with education/training providers, and other areas that can benefit all the members of the Nordic Chamber of Commerce Philippines,” Svenningsen revealed.

“But nothin beats to hear what kind of partnership benefits could be of interest our members or the individual or their company want to provide,” the Executive Director of NordCham PH said.

He also underscored that members and the memberships are the foundation of any Chamber. Hence, he noted that the ongoing work on reviewing and updating our membership categories and benefits will certainly provide the necessary help that they need in better coping up with the financial challenges they might be facing now. Hence,  we have implemented an option to pay the membership fee on a monthly basis, to make sure that they would be able to manage their financial resources in this time of crisis.

Svenningsen extended his gratitude for all of the speakers during the webinars, virtual events, all the members who are joining, gaining new inspiration, and supporting NordCham.

The NordCham Executive Director also thanked several members on their advocacy work by reaching out to various Government agencies, as well as to the media companies that recommended and endorsed the NordCham PH activities and he looks forward to the c0ntinued cooperation with other supporters and stakeholders.

“We are also grateful to other Chambers, Associations, and Organizations, as we believe that “together we are stronger” – and this cooperation is being further improved over the next period of time,” Svenningsen added.

“Lastly, in related to advocacy work, NordCham is here to assist you with the re-entry to the Philippines, in case you are stranded outside the Philippines or are in need to leave the Philippines for an important meeting or visit,” Svenningsen concluded.