MYEG PH unveils “MYeGUARD” contact tracing app

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By Victoria “NIKE” De Dios

With the challenges each country and individual have to face on the disruptive caused by the COVID19 pandemic that affected many businesses, institutions and the global economy continue.

While there have been efforts in the implementation of restrictive measures such as social distancing, community quarantine and work from home orders, and all possible solutions to abate the spread of COVID19 pandemic, the government and most businesses are starting to adapt and transform their current models by promoting contactless transactions as part of the “new normal”.

MYEG PHILIPPINES, INC. (MYEG PH), a market leader in electronic solutions championing government services online automation, has been providing eGovernment services in both Malaysia and the Philippines for the last 18 years through its technology platform encompassing internet, automation, big data, and electronic payments.

One of its recent developments is the MyEGuard mobile application that will provide a technology-driven solution to do proper contact tracing and health check diagnosis using a proprietary biotechnology system.

Contract tracing has been very tough in the Philippines as the need for an effective and reliable system is empirical in order to be in line with the government’s desire to flatten the curve.

With the MyEGuard app, it enables each user to do an in-app Health Awareness Scan that will include a facial biotechnology scan that will check the vitals and provide diagnosis questionnaires to update your health status.

The result of the scan will be categorized into health risk levels that will empower our frontline agency and health workers with information critical in isolating infected, probable high-risk individuals. Frontline agencies will be able to validate the identity and health status of individuals by just simply scanning the unique QR code assigned by the MyEGuard app upon registration. Another core feature of the MyEGuard app is Trace It! Using the smart Bluetooth technology, this will allow the app to track you if you are in contact with any COVID-19 patients that have been confirmed by the MyEGuard app. The in-app Alert Initiator will allow relevant government agencies to request validated Covid-19 patient information to track and contact individuals that possibly they came in contact with.

Aside from MyEGuard, they also developed the MyQR which is a simple and seamless digital identification mobile application designed to monitor and track individuals entering restaurants and business premises. The app will assist business owners to monitor each individual by scanning their visitors’ QR code on their mobile phone prior to allowing entry to their businesses. The Scan & GO! feature of the MyQR will have minimal impact to their operations allowing faster recording and entry to the premises of their customers. MyQR is also expandable to other types of businesses such as offices, retail shops, grocery marts, and many more!

Banking on its proven technology, MYEG PH has also been one of the trusted partners of private and government agencies in the Philippines such as National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), Land bank of the Philippines (Land Bank), CIMB, and a number of Local Government Units such Ilagan City, and Baler, Quezon. It currently provides e-payment, and logistics services for major government agencies in the Philippines. It handles over 30,000 daily transactions servicing Filipinos all across the country. It also has more than 20,000 OTC payment channels and points of sale location across the Philippines.

As the new “normal” forces businesses and the government to facilitate transactions online, MYEG PH will be at the forefront in helping businesses and government agencies in transitioning their operations to seamless contactless transactions.