Info on Magellan’s arrival to the Philippines will be shown by Instituto Cervantes de Manila

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While there have been various accounts and interpretations on the great expedition of Ferdinand Magellan, organized by the Spaniards that resulted in the first circumnavigation of the Earth, many are not aware that the stalled expedition of the Portuguese explorer was completed by Juan Sebastián Elcano.

Hence,  Instituto Cervantes de Manila is presenting a videoconference on the first circumnavigation of the world this June 13, at 6PM.  The guest speaker will be Tomás Mazón, a specialist on the topic and creator of the website La Primera Vuelta al Mundo (

With the growing interest in the historical Magellan-Elcano expedition, particularly because the country was part of this voyage when the Magellan landed in the Archipelago in 1521. Many of the details of what happened are well known, but others remain obscure.

Thus, Tomás Mazón will discuss in his talk, titled “Magellan & Elcano in the Philippines: Details in the historical archives.

Mazón sets to present the results of his research from the archived sources and the chronicles to complete or clarify the account of what happened.

While he is an engineer by profession, Tomás Mazón has devoted his time to research on various articles on this topic. He regularly publishes the results of his research on his website.

The videoconference, presented by Instituto Cervantes de Manila in collaboration with the Embassy of Spain in the Philippines, will be held on the Zoom platform and will be conducted in Spanish, but simultaneous translation in English will be provided. The audience will be able to interact with the speaker by submitting their questions during the event. Admission is free on a first-come, first-serve basis.

For further information and updates on this event, please check out or Instituto Cervantes’ Facebook page: