Dante Alighieri, Italy’s Supreme Poet and Father of Languages on webinar on May 7

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The 700th death anniversary of Dante Alighieri offers the opportunity to rediscover one of the most important figures of Italian and World literature, and discuss the relevance of his major work, the Divine Comedy, to contemporary Filipinos.

Dante Alighieri is called the “Supreme Poet” and Italians consider him one of the “fathers” of their language. 

On Friday, May 07, at 2:00 PM, the Philippine Italian Association and the National Library will organize a free webinar to discuss Dante Alighieri in the Philippine literary context, paying particular attention to two fundamental aspects of the cultural transmission: teaching and translation.

Guest speakers are Prof. Paul Dumol (University of Asia and Pacific), who will discuss the relevance of Dante Alighieri to us, and an expert of Dante Alighieri’s work; Dean Jonathan Chua (Ateneo de Manila University) who has been teaching Dante’s Inferno for years and will share his considerations on this experience; and Chair, Filipino Deparment Michael Coroza (Ateneo de Manila University) who is translating the Divine Comedy in the Filipino poetical tradition of Balactas.

The session will end with a comparative reading of the 1st Canto of the Inferno in the original Italian and in Prof Coroza’s Filipino translation, performed by AJ Constantino.

The webinar is part of Viva Europa’s Cultural Festival 2021. 

Registration: https://event.webinarjam.com/register/99/lp5ywh16

More info: https://philippineitalianassociation.org/events/2021/5/7/teaching-and-translating-dante

Contact: philippineitalianassociation@gmail.com