BUSINESS MENTOR: Dream Big, Start Small… It’s a Reality

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By Armando “BUTZ” Bartolome

Each one of us has dreamt of making it big. And who wouldn’t want to be in the spotlight when we know that being successful means a great new world for us? But everything comes for a price in which we must be able to realize how to make use of our resources wisely.

Building a business is a risk on its own. As you may have probably read from others that in business you need to have calculated risks, this means carefully taking steps with less possibilities of committing mistakes to reduce wasting time and money.

So one would probably ask, how can we dream big when we just need to start small? Prior to what I am doing today, I had a different kind of business in my mind. But when I saw the opportunity that I can be able to help people, I went on with it. I started out with just a handful of clients but years after, with prayers, perseverance, and because of my dedication to my work, here I am today. I must have done something right that these few clients I started with became my walking advertisements. They referred me to their friends and the rest as most would say, is history.

I may not be as rich as other entrepreneurs but I can humbly say that all through these years I earned more than what I have ever dreamt of and that I will treasure all my life – a loving family, good health, and a successful business.

Taking One Step At A Time

A gambler would always want to bet on high stakes with the thought of winning a lot of money. But knowing that he only has a 50/50 chance of winning is a big risk he is taking. If he wins, surely he comes out as a big winner. But if he loses, then he goes home with an empty pocket. Would you want your life or your family’s life to deal with such uncertainty all the time? Surely enough there are ways to make something out of small things IF and ONLY IF YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

To be successful in any endeavor you must have that faith in yourself that you can make things happen. Always channel your thoughts towards something positive as this will ignite your desire to pursue whatever you have started.

How Do You Start Small?

This article should help you make it BIG just by starting with SMALL steps. With a clear vision of your goals, it is not impossible how you can be among the top entrepreneurs that are enjoying the fruits of their labor.

  1. Some may oppose what I would say but base it on how I started, I only had a small goal in mind which was helping people. It is a simple aspiration that although I do need to earn for my family, my passion was strong to go on. When you know that you are able to achieve small goals on a regular basis, it would be a lot easier for you to achieve the steps in your business plan. Our confidence will surely have a great impact on the business we are trying to build.
  1. Part of my success is having a very loving and supportive wife that believed in my capabilities and sees the same way I see things. Being a husband and wife, we made a solid team where we inspire each other to make things happen. You can also do the same on your end if you have a spouse or a family member that is willing to help you out and can provide you the support that you need in attaining your goals.

You must learn to focus on a particular goal than mess up your mind with so many things. You may feel apprehensive when there may be so many ideas popping in your head. You need to pick out the best among your list and focus on one to help you get started.

  1. There are businesses that you don’t need to spend so much. Just like being a distributor of certain products or having a food cart business should not take away millions from you to start with a business. You just need to be careful in dealing with people and ensure that they are legitimate businesses.
  1. The life of a business is with having the right marketing strategy. While there may be so many strategies that you may use in your business, focus on one so you can maximize the return from the resources that you have invested in by making the marketing strategy work. A business should not be like a “hit and miss” activity wherein you will sacrifice so much. Be knowledgeable about the kind of business that you have started and study how your marketing tactic can truly grab the attention of your target market.
  1. You may be excited about how you can close your first sale. Instead of having an A-bomb explosion of ideas inside your head, focus on a single plan on how you can achieve that goal. When you narrow things down, it gives you fewer choices and opens your mind to think creatively.
  1. Any entrepreneur’s goal is to be able to cater to the needs of all people. But when you focus on a smaller and specific target, you will be amazed on how your name could spread like wildfire! It is because, when you create products and services that are effective and you are able to satisfy your customers, your customers will be your aid in spreading the word about your existence. This means that your marketing strategy is very effective and that you are able to provide the exact needs and wants of the people.
  1. Dealing with your customers, never try to promise to bring them the “moon and the stars”. Just lay down your cards and provide them what you think you can truly serve them. Keep it simple but real.
  1. Starting a business needs careful planning. You think you need to buy so many things to start with the business. But how many of those things would you really need to start? Think of starting with a small budget and you will be amazed at how much you can stretch it by coming up with creative ideas. This will not only prevent misuse of finances but will also ensure longevity through the first stages of your business.
  1. Some people think that to be in a business, you need to give up your 9 to 5 job. Ideally, when you are starting up and you are at the same time employed, you don’t need to quit your day job just to be in the business. Try working part-time on the business that you have put up. Just make sure that you don’t spend less than 10 hours a week on your business.

One example that I would like to share with you is how some stay at home moms, OFWs, retirees, office employees and even College students that I have met have opted to start with a small investment despite them having enough capital to start with a bigger business. Seeing the wonderful earning potential with JC Premiere, they have been easily encouraged to take part in this great earning opportunity. Imagine how small the investment they started with! But with perseverance, most of them are already earning a 6-digit income every month. What is good about this company is that they make sure that all of their distributors are compensated well from all their hard work. Positive things only happen when things are carefully planned and when we put both our heart and mind into it 100%.

Ultimately, never play in an industry wherein it is impossible for you to win. Think more than 100 times if you can before taking that step of starting up a business. Remember, you don’t need to spend so much to immediately reach your goal. Take small, calculated steps, enrich yourself with knowledge, develop a creative business plan and you will surely be reaching your dream without you even realizing it.