PMA, Okada Manila partner for ‘IPSUM JPX’ – PH’s first country-focused brand marketing conference

PMA, Okada Manila partner for ‘IPSUM JPX’ – PH’s first country-focused brand marketing conference
Ganbatte Kudasai: Victor Galzote, Director for Branding Corporate and Marketing of Okada Manila, Cielo Ortega – Reboredo, Vice President for Sales Marketing, Hospitality & Entertainment; Faith Abaño, President, Philippine Marketing Association, and Alpha Allanigui, IPSUM JPX Director sealed the deal to make it official that Okada Manila is the venue of the ‘IPSUM JPX’ Marketing Conference which will be held on September 19 at Okada Manila, Parañaque City, Philippines (Photo By Monsi A. Serrano/THEPHILBIZNEWS)

Text and Photos by Monsi A. Serrano

For the first time in the Philippines, a country-focused brand marketing conference will be staged by the Philippine Marketing Association (PMA) on September 19 at the Okada Manila in Pasay City.

Celebrating its 65th anniversary this year, the PMA has partnered with Okada Manila in bringing the best of Japan’s tradition and strengths in business through “IPSUM JPX,” establishing a first-of-its-kind conference in the country that will be the trademark event of the PMA.

In the media launching of the event at Okada last August 29, the PMA gave a foretaste of what is in store for the business and marketing industry at the “IPSUM JPX: Marketing Exchange Japan.” 

From Left: Faith Abano, Orly Ballesteros and Alpha Allanigui at the question and answer of IPSUM JPX media launch held at Okada Manila, last August 29

“More than the  fascinating Japanese inventions and influence, the IPSUM JPX will certainly provide world-class experience, education, and engagement all in one place for all the participants,” Jos Ortega, overall chairman of IPSUM JPX, said in a video message played at the launch.

Ortega said the event promises participants a learning experience from the three track sessions about Culture, Leadership and Innovations.

“We are bringing great brands and great minds together for a creative exchange of ideas, best practices and innovations.  The IPSUM JPX world stage will be bustling with energy, success stories and thought-provoking discussions,” he said.

Speaking to THEPHILBIZNEWS, PMA President Faith Abano said the novel idea for a country-focused brand marketing conference came up when members agreed to mark their organization’s 65th year with something unique that others did not dare explore.

“Being part of the Philippine Marketing Association, we always strive to give every conference what is best, unique and first to happen in the country,” Abano said.

Owing this event, she said: “The Philippines will certainly attract a lot of participants in various companies and their officers, business owners and even those who are still in the process of venturing in a business.”

Asked why the PMA picked Japan over the rest of the world for its maiden conference, Abano said: “First and foremost, Japan is our strongest partner in trade and they are also the one of the countries that has huge investment in the Philippines.”

“Filipinos can learn a lot from the Japanese, on how they bounced back after painstakingly rebuilding their country and remained a superpower,” she added.

Alpha Allanigui, IPSUM JPX director, told THEPHILBIZNEWS that their group in PMA did their research before deciding to choose Japan. “We did an informal survey about Japan. And it was elating to know that since we were young and till now, Japan has really influenced us a lot in so many ways,” she said.

“Before, there was Voltes-V, Mazinger-Z and other robots that were admired by Filipino youth. Then the toy Tamiya, which was a hit in the late 90s. Now, the younger generations have learned to love J-Pop, Anime, Manga cartoons and comics, and these are all Japanese, right,” said Allanigui.

For his part, Orly Ballesteros, IPSUM-JPX Committee for Sales and Sponsorship chairman, said, “There are so many things to learn from the Japanese. Their rich culture, leadership style, philosophy and technology. Filipinos can always benchmark from them. Rising from the rubbles, the unparalleled discipline and more than the food and country that the Filipinos have loved and accepted.”

“There are a lot of things that seem simple yet very profound Japanese principles we can all adopt. The concept of “ba” (space), “kaizen” (continuous improvement), “ikagai” (reason for being), and “karoshi” (overworked) and many more,” Ballesteros added.

The PMA officials were one in deciding that more than the business insights, Japanese epitomizes new technology and strong business principles that appeal to Filipinos at the IPSUM JPX. “It’s a unique experience and that we guarantee to everyone,” said Ballesteros.

Cielo Ortega-Reboredo, vice president for Sales and Marketing, Hospitality and Entertainment of Okada Manila, expressed excitement over its partnership with PMA for the IPSUM JPX. “Okada Manila is a Japanese company and the theme IPSUM JPX fits to a T,” she said.

“And modesty aside, Okada is the largest ultra-luxury integrated hotel-resorts in Asia and to host the IPSUM JPX wherein a Japanese focused marketing conference which is the first time in the Philippines to happen is indeed perfect to be held here at Okada. We are proud and glad that they chose Okada, and we look forward to many more exciting events with the Philippine Marketing Association,” she said.

After signing the contract between Okada Manila at the media launch, Abano said: “The IPSUM JPX Marketing Conference will pave wave to a lot of realizations from the participants. We realize our goal of creating a platform for Filipino Marketers to learn and exchange best practices from all over the world, so that, in turn, we can work together to further elevate the caliber of Filipino brands and entrepreneurship.”

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